Brum Dine With Me – Yumzee has Arrived!

If you haven’t heard there has been a bit of a food revolution in Birmingham over the past few years!

The newest entrant is Yumzee, a new way of social dining and connects people who love to cook, with those who love food, in great company and in a unique and authentic home experience.

brum launch

After being a big trend in Paris, social dining has finally come to Brum too!

Those of us who are passionate about cooking can become hosts and create a meal, be it a dinner party, Sunday brunch or cocktail tasting. The host chooses the date, sets the nr. of places at the table, creates the menu, and sets the price for the meal.

Meal 3

Those of us who love to eat (like me) can sign up to the meal, show up to the host’s home, meet new wonderful people and enjoy. Et voilà – you host or attend your very own supper club!

Meal 2

Yumzee is a fantastic new way to meet likeminded people, and enjoy an authentic experience in one of the hosts’ comfortable homes, bonding over one of the most basic yet enjoyable experiences in life; food.

Now it’s officially launched in Brum, you can go and look at what’s available or arrange to host your own meal at and keep updated on their Twitter and Facebook!

Yumzee brick wall