Asparagood -Dip into British Asparagus at The High Field

It’s been almost a year since my last post about The High Field (where did it go?). Happily, there’s now even more of a reason to head back!

The High Field Edbaston exterior 1.jpg low res

From now until the end of the season in late June, The High Field in Edgbaston will be serving Dip Your Own Asparagus – pots of hollandaise sauce, grated free-range egg and parmesan for dipping the spears, a new twist on a classic flavour combination.

“We are always out there on a never ending quest to find the best of British produce and this is one of my favourites yet,” says Ian Meek, head chef of The High Field. “Asparagus is one of our top spring ingredients and we wanted to make sure we served the best British asparagus we could find, and serve it with a twist.

Dip Your Own Asparagus close up 2

“So we headed for Barfoots Farm in Botley on the South Sussex Coast, where they use a combination of traditional farming and advanced cropping techniques to produce the best asparagus we’ve ever tasted.

“Like us, they believe in doing things properly and don’t take shortcuts which means their produce is of the highest quality.  It’s the reason they won British Vegetable Grower of the Year and Most Environmentally Friendly Farm in Hampshire,” he says.

Dip Your Own Asparagus close up

Barfoots Farm sits in a unique microclimate between the South Downs and the Isle of Wight, where the long, high light levels and warm soils make for perfect asparagus growing conditions. Each tender spear is picked by hand and rushed to the pub where the chefs are serving them as Dip Your Own Asparagus as well as on the pub’s specials boards for as long as the season lasts.