Get a taste of Tokyo for Birmingham Cocktail Weekend

Birmingham Cocktail Weekend is fast approaching! Less than a week to go and there’s a few excellent events in partnership. One of which I thought I’d highlight…


As part of Birmingham Cocktail Weekend, Rofuto is heading to Tokyo to highlight Suntory whisky.

Rofuto are shutting the doors to let whisky lovers discover their perfect summer cocktail and try 3 award-winning whiskies from Japan’s oldest distillery

After the tasting, the cocktail masters at Rofuto will explain the art of the mizuwari cocktail before giving you a chance to mix your own ‘mini-mizuwari’ to suit your own palate and taste.

For those who have never heard of a mizuwari cocktail, it’s pretty much the tea ceremony version of making a whisky cocktail, containing very specific steps which I’m not going to tell you here as you’ll enjoy the experience more.

There’ll also be a menu of cocktails specially created for Birmingham Cocktail Weekend before the venue officially opens, all with a stunning skyline view over Edgbaston.


A ticket includes:-

  • An expert led tasting through 3 exquisite Suntory whiskies (including the Hakashu Distillers Reserve, the Yamazaki Distillers Reserve and the Hibiki Harmony)
  • A talk through the history and culture of Japanese distilling
  • A cocktail demonstration from Rofuto, explaining the magic of the mizuwari serve
  • A chance to mix your own “mini-mizuwari” cocktail
  • Early entrance to the Rofuto bar to try their signature Birmingham Cocktail Weekend serve

Get your tickets here!