Wrapped Up – WrapLab in Great Western Arcade

Wrap Lab is the latest addition to the range of eateries in Great Western Arcade.

Rather than your normal meal deal, their aim is to bring healthy fast food serving uniquely created dishes, offered in tortillas or salad bowls.

To help with the concept, award winning chef Steve Love of Loves Consultancy has worked with the Tiwana family of Gupy, wife Anshu and mum Gabby on the creation of their menu, keeping calories low but taste high.

I popped in one Friday for a spot of lunch, prior to a bloggers evening on the following Thursday.

The interior is done well, with a light bright interior and touches reminiscent of a school laboratory; even the eating bar area is made from reclaimed school benches.

For my lunch, I tried their BBQ Bourbon Chicken Wrap meal deal (407 calories, sliced chicken BBQ bourbon sauce bacon, red onion, sweetcorn, ‘Savoy Slaw’ and salad), which is on the pricier end of the spectrum of offerings.  For that, you get a substantial wrap, a packet of Ten Acre Crisps and a drink of your choice:

My wrap was jam packed with crispy bacon, though I could’ve done with a touch more chicken. There was a really nice sharp lemony tang to the BBQ sauce, a change from the usual sickly sweetness of most sauces of its ilk. There was also plenty of veg with mounds of sweetcorn, although less lettuce would’ve made it more balanced for me personally. Early signs were good then!

Onto the evening, we were welcomed in by the family and there was a selection of wrap samples for us to tuck in. I tried the Lamb Super Food (509 calories, roast lamb, mint yoghurt, pomegranate and salad) and a revisit to the BBQ Bourbon Chicken.


After a quick mingle, we were then onto a speed wrap challenge! Gupy walked us through how to wrap the perfect wrap, and then it was a wrap-off to see who could make the quickest wrap.

My wrapping wasn’t perfect by any means and I finished mid-table on the speed. However I did do a “Create Your Own” option with my wrap, which they’re happy to do. I tried to make a “Sunday Roast”, with braised beef, sweet potato, sweetcorn, spinach leaf, mustard mayonnaise and lyonnaise onions.

It was very nice, showing off the quality of their ingredients, and something I’d be happy to order again. I also managed to grab some footage of Julie, the winner (on behalf of #BrumHour), Ini (Life by Ini) and George (caramellattekiss), with their wrapping efforts:

Wrap lab is at the Snow Hill station end of Great Western Arcade and is open from 7.30am every day except Sundays, when it opens at 10.00am. You can even place an order at: Hello@wraplabuk.co.uk alternatively visit wraplab.co.uk for more information.

Disclaimer: For this visit, I was a guest of WrapLab & Barques PR, this provides no bias to the post. This blog is my own personal opinion and strives to provide an independent view, promoting, enjoying and reviewing the range of exciting food and venues in and around Birmingham.

When: 19/01/2017

Where: Wrap Lab, Unit 3, Great Western Arcade, Colmore Row, Birmingham B2 5HU

Who: Wrap Lab, Loves Consultancy

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