A Kings Feast – Kings Heath Street Festival

Well, that took longer than expected to get back to you all! My main laptop died last weekend, hence the delay in getting back to blogging. No matter, the spare has been brought in so I can continue telling you lovely folks about food in and around Birmingham. Anyway….back to it.

As you may be aware, we had been to Birmingham Independent Food Fair in the morning so our bellies were a little full. However, there’s always more room for streetfood! A short bus ride away is Kings Heath, a bustling suburb with a burgeoning streetfood scene (mainly due to BrumYumYum and their #KingshEATh at the Churchyard).

Today’s event was a slightly different affair from the usual as York Road was closed off by Enjoy Kings Heath to celebrate all that’s great about Kings Heath. It was a busy affair:

Kings Heath Street Festival
Kings Heath Street Festival

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Back Into Foodie Festivities! Birmingham Independent Food Fair 2015 – Day 2

After a night’s rest, it was time to return to foodie heaven (see part one here).

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Because I Feel Foodie! Birmingham Independent Food Fair 2015 – Day 1

Birmingham Independent Food Fair is now in its second year, following on from #futurefoodies @ Hotel LaTour in 2013 (#futurefoodies was Wifey and I’s first foodie event in Birmingham and we were the first visitors to arrive!).

Created by the minds behind Dine Birmingham, Birmingham Independent Food Fair is a flagship event in Birmingham’s foodie scene, bringing together streetfood vendors, suppliers, independent stores and some of Birmingham’s best bars and restaurants.

This year, as per the previous year, the event was held at Millennium Point, it’s also two days long which means double the time for food!

 Wifey and I popped along to see what was happening (settle in, this will be a long one!).

The sun was shining as we strolled along through Eastside Park to the food fair and got to see a glimpse of the goodies, with the outside stalls, before picking up our wristbands.

Streetfood stalls outside Millennium Point
Streetfood stalls outside Millennium Point

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Magnum Meat – Andy Low & Slow takeover at Bar Opus

After a hard week at work, my craving for sustenance meant a Friday afternoon trip out. The Opus Group (previously reviewed, as part of my CBD article), have let a local food favourite, Andy Low ‘n’ Slow take over the kitchen at Bar Opus at One Snowhill (tucked behind Doddle) on Fridays.

Great food in a nice bar, less than 5 mins from the office? Sounds good to me!

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A double hitter of Taste & Liquor

Regular readers of the blog would know I’ve visited tasteandliquor‘s Food Feast-ival at The Coffin Works previously (read about it here). Whilst the last glimmers of summer were licking around, I thought it was well worth time for a revisit.


Unfortunately,Wifey wasn’t feeling great on Friday so instead I thought i’d introduce my friend a streetfood virgin, Glen (a freelance web developer), to the variety of treats available. I heard a rumour about Cubano’s (a fave of mine since watching the streetfood movie Chef) being available so it was the perfect opportunity!

The Southern Oven
The Southern Oven

However, first stop off (post beverages) was to something a little different. The Southern Oven offering southern US-style cuisine.

The Southern Oven - Menu
The Southern Oven – Menu

Po’Boys were the order of the day: a Louisiana-style sub sandwich with French bread. I opted for Shrimp and Glen opted for Roast Beef.


Mine came with a generous portion of lightly fried shrimp, with the batter giving enough crispness to counter the soft bread. The remoulade tasted like a cross between salad cream and aioli and I warmed to it quickly. Glen’s beef came in his opinion “perfectly cooked amazing beef”, the undercurrent of cajun spice and mustard running through the sandwich nicely.

With that, it was onto Cubano’s from the brand new Press de Cuba, who’ve been up and running since the end of July:

Press de Cuba
Press de Cuba

The gluten free option had gone by the time we arrived but for me, all I was interested in was the Mojo Pork Cubano.  I decided to split one with Glen as we had just finished the Po’boys.

Press de Cuba
Press de Cuba

Whilst we were waiting for the plancha to do it’s work, the staff were busy chatting away to the crowd. The smell was heavenly as the smell of pork, cheese pickle and mustard drifted over. Within a couple of minutes, a taste of Havana was handed over.

Press de Cuba Mojo Pork Cubano
Press de Cuba Mojo Pork Cubano

It was everything a man could wish for in a sandwich. Buttery, crispy, cheesy, hammy goodness. It was so good Glen went and doubled down on another for himself, whilst I went for a beverage.

Vintage Punch bar
Vintage Punch bar

New for this time around was a vintage punch bar with a varied selection of drinks to try. I went for something a little different than the usual beer and had a spiced rum.

Spiced Rum
Spiced Rum

It gave an impressive kick; the mint sugar and nutmeg gave a nice kick to the nostrils as you drank. The only thing it probably could have done with was a bit of ginger to bring the rum out to its full glory. I will certainly go back for another try next time I’m down to Fleet Street.

Drinks sorted, it was back on my culinary adventure. This time it was for wings from Scratch Cooking

Scratch Cooking Wings
Scratch Cooking Wings

I went for a mixed batch of wings evenly split with BBQ and salt & pepper.

Scratch Cooking Wing Selection
Scratch Cooking Wing Selection

The BBQ wings were a nice fruity bbq followed with a spicy after kick. The salt & pepper were as you would expect, salty and peppery, Both were nice and hot, well seasoned and tasty, Between Glen and I, they didn’t last long, and if I wasn’t so stuffed I think I’d have gone back for another portion,

We had left a little room for a sweet treat though, and it was back to Southern Oven for some pecan brownies.

The Southern Oven Pecan Brownies
The Southern Oven Pecan Brownies

The pecans really gave an extra crunch to the moist brownie, a nice sweet praline on the top gave it extra sweetness and the raspberry coulis gave an added tartness.

With that, Glen and I waved goodbye for the evening and went on a mini pub tour before heading home.


The Next Day..

Suffering a little from a small hangover the next day. I convinced Wifey hair of the dog and more street food was in order wo we popped along to Harborne for my second dose of taste and liquor at The School Yard Market.

The School Yard -  Harborne
The School Yard – Harborne

Based in a converted school (unsurprisingly), Taste and Liquor have been a regular for the past month or so and will be there each Saturday for the remainder of the summer.  Unfortunately when we first arrived a few issues had meant a delayed start but we went for a shop whilst things were prepared.

The Saturday market is a slightly different flavour to Friday nights with clothing stalls added into the mix.

DJ & Clothing Stall
DJ & Clothing Stall
Vintage Clothing!
Vintage Clothing!

Wifey had a rifle through whilst we waited for food to be prepared,

The stalls were two of the attendees from the previous evening. Scratch Cooking and Paella Paella, which was great as I didn’t get chance to try the paella the previous evening.

Scratch Cooking & Paella Paella
Scratch Cooking & Paella Paella

First off was another round of wings and I picked same selection as previously. Wifey enjoyed the BBQ until the heat came through then swapped to the salt and pepper which she liked.

The paella was still cooking so whilst we waited with a few drinks.

Strawberry Cocktals
Strawberry Cocktails

A couple of strawberry cocktails, with rum and vodka helped with the heat as the sun came out.  The cocktail was cooling and not overly sweet.

It was time for the paella. which had bubbled away in the background and gave off a great aroma.

Paella Paella Paella
Paella Paella Paella
Paella Paella Paella Portion
Paella Paella Paella Portion

Paella to me is a bit of a double edged sword. When it’s good it’s amazing, when it’s bad it’s atrocious. I’m happy to report that this was good. Juicy fat prawns, steamed mussels, tasty squid rings and perfectly cooked rice.

A perfect end then to two days of great street food.

Disclaimer: For these events, all food was paid for but a couple of drinks were complimentary. This blog is my own personal opinion and strives to provide an independent view, promoting, enjoying and reviewing the range of exciting food and venues in and around Birmingham.

When: 07/08/2015 – 08/08/2015

Where: The Coffin Works, Fleet Street, Birmingham and The School Yard, High Street Harborne

Who: tasteandliquorThe Southern OvenPress de CubaScratch Cooking & Paella Paella.

Just a Caffeine Boost at Jake’s Coffee Box

In a big, big, city there was a big council house,

And next to the big council house there was a quiet side street,

And in the quiet side street there was a red phone box,

And in the red phone box…

A coffee shop lived!

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Capital Cuisine – A bite sized taste of Southbank Centre Food Market

Whilst on a trip to London with Wifey, we had a visit to Southbank for a wander and a trip on the Eye. Nestled in the space behind the Royal Festival Hall was a street food market. As a foodie, it would have been sacrilege not to descend down and have a try…

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Flights of Fancy at Emirates GoEast

Following on from CBD Food Festival, I’m happy to report that was not the only celebration of food that weekend in Birmingham City Centre. Emirates were cooking up all things eastern at the Go East Streetfood Market in Centenary Square between the ICC and The Library of Birmingham.

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Coming Back Down to the CBD Food Festival – Day 2

For day 1, please read here.

After a restful night’s sleep and a (very) light breakfast, it was time for a wander back down towards Victoria Square for a few more samples highlighting the range of choice in Colmore Business District

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Consuming, Blogging and Drinking at CBD Food Festival – Day 1

Probably one of the highlights for food bloggers year is the Colmore Business District Food Festival, it certainly is one of mine…


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