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Hello I’m Ryan, I’m in my early 30’s and live in Birmingham City Centre. I like food and fine things, a lot, like really, really really a lot, probably a little too much.


After eating my way through half of Brum, I thought it would be good to share my opinions and hopefully help those who are coming to Brum know about our funky, fresh, eclectic and vibrant food and lifestyle scene.

Street food is my main passion and you’ll usually find me prowling around street vans, with my camera and a gimlet eye. If you see me, say hello, I don’t bite (usually).

My long suffering ‘Wifey’ Viv will be with me on many adventures and helps make sure I don’t make too many spelling mistakes!

The food and venues blogged are, in the vast majority, paid for by myself or my wife. If I do receive any hospitality this will be mentioned clearly on any articles. The website does not earn any money and is run solely by myself and not a company.

You can follow me on twitter @brummiegourmand and on Facebook

E-mails can be directed to contact@brummiegourmand.com

You can now also find me every Saturday from Noon on BRUMRADIO! I know, I was shocked they let me on air too!

Photo provided courtesy of the wonderful Jill Evans of  http://www.jillevansphotography.com/.

One thought on “About Me

  1. I would love for you to blog my restaurant and your experience with us.
    We are a new business opposite Ju Ju’s cafe called Canal Square, let me know when it’s good for you and I shall book a table for you, many thanks.

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