Brummie Gourmand’s Batch of Brummie Good Bloggers



Even though I try my best, I can’t cover all of the things going on in Brum on my own!

Here are a few other Birmingham based bloggers / websites which you may be interested in reading:

Brumderland – Run by the inestimable Vicky Osgood, one of the best places to find information on the rabbit hole of Birmingham.

Brum Hour Blog – About, well pretty much anything and everything happening around Birmingham, by Dave Massey. Don’t forget about Brum Hour on twitter, Sunday’s 8-9pm!

Full to the Brum –  Award winning Laura Creaven, one of Birmingham’s premier bloggers, great for food and lifestyle.

Out in Brum – One of Birmingham’s most established food blogs. Find out where to eat, drink, party and be entertained in Brum.

Positive Fridays – A food, drinks, events and travel blog run by the lovely Helen and Edd

Veggie Foodie – THE place to find out about what’s happening in the vegetarian Birmingham scene!

Birmingham Breakfast Club –  Join Simon as he cycles around Birmingham on his quest to find the best place for breakfast!

The Ting Thing – A beauty / lifestyle / food blog by Ting.

Paul Fulford – Probably Birmingham’s  most well known and established restaurant critic and food writer, Paul has been in the media since the 1970’s as well as writing for the Birmingham Mail  for nearly two decades.

Caramel Latte Kiss – George is s a blogger, podcaster and cosplayer. Caramel Latte Kiss explores food, style and geek culture in Birmingham.

Bite Your Brum – Laura is a permanently hungry thirty-something foodie with a some may say slightly unhealthy obsession for all things edible.

Gastronomic Gorman – Food reviewer and home cooker, from Birmingham and beyond!

Eat with Ellen – Home cooking, food reviews and news from the Award Winning Ellen Manning.

Travelling Coral – Birmingham’s finest travelling foodie! Always an inspiration on places to go and visit.

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