Ju Ju’s Round 2 – Adventures in Brunching

Well, we said we wouldn’t be long.

If you read my previous post, you might know Ju Ju’s Cafe recently extended and added more dining space to the rear. To match the theme and their punky take on Modern British in the back, they’ve also had a makeover to the front area too, so an excuse to revisit again!

Naturally, Wifey  and I want to have a mooch at the new set up whilst partaking in one of Ju Ju’s famous breakfasts / brunches.

We chose to sit at Table Number 1, a pair of cosy wing-back chairs at the end of the new bar, with an appropriate size height table, and ordered drinks whilst we went through their extensive menu.

I had a Latte and Apple Juice, whilst Wifey went for Flat White and a freshly squeezed Orange Juice.

My latte was very pretty, with some magical trickery it seemed the coffee floated between layers of steamed and frothed milk, the apple juice came nicely chilled with ice.

Wifey’s Flat White was reported as nice and smooth. The Orange Juice was freshly squeezed, garnishes with a slice and ice and “refreshingly sweet” without the acidity of most oranges.

For breakfast, we were a little disappointed the platter for two (an old favourite of Wifey and I’s) had disappeared from the menu. Happily though, there’s enough variety to keep us both happy.

I went for the Full English (BIG), two bacon, two sausage, two fried eggs, tomato, beans, mushrooms, hash browns & two thick sliced toast.


There’s not much you can really say about a great fry up. It’s just a thing of beauty, the bacon was cooked well, sausages nice and meaty, egg yolks the requisite level of runny. The only thing the great breakfast expert, Birmingham Breakfast Club would probably argue with would be the lack of bean separation.

Wifey opted for an alternate Ju Ju’s classic, the Hash, crushed hash browns mixed with a medley of sausage, bacon, lightly sautéed onions and topped with fried eggs and tomato.


Wifey hadn’t tried it before and wanted to steer away from her usual choice of Eggs Benedict. She wasn’t disappointed by it either.  Served in a skillet pan, it was absolutely delicious, not overly salty or greasy – a perfect comforting brunch dish.  The egg yolks added a nice richness to the dish, which was just right.  There was also the option of toast and Hollandaise sauce with it, which Wifey didn’t have.

It was nice to have a cosy relaxed place for breakfast, away from the overly busy hotspots elsewhere in the city. Julia and the team are welcoming hosts and nothing ever seems too much trouble. You can see why in the summer it’s sometimes difficult to get a table, such is the draw!


When: 22/01/2017

Where: Ju Ju’s Cafe, Canal Square, 100 Browning Street, Birmingham, B16 8EH

Who:  Ju Ju’s Cafe

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