Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Urbane Caffeine and Consumption at Urban Coffee Company


To bookend a weekend of relaxation, Wifey and I did away with cornflakes and instant caffeine in exchange for a stroll down to the Jewellery Quarter and a trip to Urban Coffee Company, a local coffee chain with branches in Birmingham City Centre, Jewellery Quarter, Coventry (and briefly Harborne). The Jewellery Quarter branch in the Big Peg is the one we usually gravitate towards as it’s located a short trip down the canal from BG Towers.

Deliveroo – Round 2! With Jojolapa


It’s Friday again, so it was time for another start of a weekend in style with restaurant food delivered straight to my house. As you may have read previously, (cough cough) Deliveroo  supply a delivery… Continue reading

A double hitter of Taste & Liquor


Regular readers of the blog would know I’ve visited tasteandliquor‘s Food Feast-ival at The Coffin Works previously (read about it here). Whilst the last glimmers of summer were licking around, I thought it… Continue reading

High Summer at The High Field


Though the sun decided not to play ball, I had been invited to enjoy the bbq and garden at The High Field in Edgbaston…

Just a Caffeine Boost at Jake’s Coffee Box


In a big, big, city there was a big town hall

And next to the big town hall there was a quiet side street,

And in the quiet side street there was a red phone box,

And in the red phone box…

…A coffee shop lived!