Urbane Caffeine and Consumption at Urban Coffee Company

To bookend a weekend of relaxation, Wifey and I did away with cornflakes and instant caffeine in exchange for a stroll down to the Jewellery Quarter and a trip to Urban Coffee Company, a local coffee chain with branches in Birmingham City Centre, Jewellery Quarter, Coventry (and briefly Harborne). The Jewellery Quarter branch in the Big Peg is the one we usually gravitate towards as it’s located a short trip down the canal from BG Towers.

A Sunday brunch, when done right, is a wonderful thing and the relaxed, cozy style suits the mood perfectly.

Wall Art at Urban Coffee Company
Wall Art at Urban Coffee Company

Wifey and I picked up a latte each before sitting down to choose our food. The latte was expected, foamy, milky goodness with a nice smooth roasted coffee at the bottom. Pretty as always too.


Fancying a change from the usual full English breakfast, I chose an American stack, pancakes loaded with bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage and onion patties and maple syrup. A hearty breakfast by any account.

American Stack at Urban Coffee Company
American Stack at Urban Coffee Company

The pancakes were nice, fat and soft. Irregularly shaped (a change from the norm), they were ever so slightly undercooked but made a great foundation for the meat and eggs.

The sausage patties were amazing, lovely sausage meat with slow cooked onions that dropped with flavour. Back bacon was nice and thick with a proper salty tang to balance out the maple syrup. Eggs were not runny yet creamy.

Wifey went a little more traditional with eggs beni. Accompanied with back bacon, candied pancetta and pea shoots.

Eggs Beni  at Urban Coffee Company
Eggs Beni at Urban Coffee Company

Wifey loved the double hit of bacon with the candied pancetta (I managed to sneak a morsel). The poached eggs were hot, smothered in a creamy hollandaise. The salty bacon set the creaminess off nicely and it didn’t last long.

If you’re around the Jewellery Quarter and need some caffeine and great food, don’t hesitate to stop in.

With food done and thirsts slated, it was off for a stroll down to St Pauls Square to start walking it off.

When: 16/08/2015

Where:  The Big Peg, Golden Square, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Who: Urban Coffee Company

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