Brum Bites – One Life One City @ The Rotunda

You may not believe it but I occasionally do non foodie things around Birmingham, as well as stuffing my face!

As part of BYPY 2015 winner, Katie Kershaw‘s One Life One City Project, a few weeks back on a Friday lunchtime, I had the chance to take a break from the day job and do something a little different.

Launched in September, the purpose of One Life One City is for individuals and firms from within the city’s business and professional services sector to make a pledge to take one lunchtime out per week to escape from their desks. With regular events entitled “Gone in 60 Minutes”, these are designed to provide quick, varied and fun interludes in the working week and explore the city.


Today’s event involved a trip up the Rotunda to celebrate its  50th anniversary, in partnership with Staying Cool at the Rotunda, premier Birmingham photographer Tim Cornbill and Instagrammers Birmingham.


After meeting up out front, we popped into the (very) funky reception area to wait for the lift up.

Then up to Floor 20 and apartment 2005

Having checked the rates, it’s comparable to a good hotel room for an apartment. For example, their mini suite (studio apartment with king size bed) in mid July next year starts from £134 . You’d pay more for a Travelodge in London!

I think the view isn’t half bad either…

And I managed to get close ups of a few Birmingham landmarks too!

No prizes for guessing any of them!

It was a great way to break away from the office and get a different view of the city. I urge you to have a look at their page and keep an eye on upcoming events; you might get to do something a little out of the ordinary for lunch than a £3 meal deal!

When: 30/10/2015

Where: Staying Cool Apartments, The Rotunda, Birmingham

Who: One Life One CityStaying Cool at the Rotunda, Tim Cornbill and Instagrammers Birmingham.

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