Joyeux Anniversaire! Brummie Gourmand is 1!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since my first post. It started off as a way to highlight some of the the wonderful restaurants and streetfood vendors Wifey and I visited around Birmingham. I never thought anybody would take their time to read it but it was good way to keep track of what was new about town.

Since then it’s been a wild ride! I’ve been to some fantastic places, eaten things I never thought I’d try and met some amazing people. Some personal highlights are:

We’ve also met fantastic people (some of whom you can find on my Brummie Good Bloggers Page) and I’ve even found time to squeeze in a Saturday Radio show on Brum Radio!

To finish, a quick thank you to long suffering Wifey and thank you to all those who’ve taken time to read my little corner of the internet. Here’s looking forward to year two!


3 thoughts on “Joyeux Anniversaire! Brummie Gourmand is 1!

  1. Happy blogiversary Ryan! Seems odd to think it has only been a year, it feels like longer but in a good way; it definitely feels like you’ve seamlessly joined into the food blogger community in the city and I’ve loved reading your posts. Here’s to many more years to come!

  2. Happy Blogisversary Ryan. It’s been fantastic reading your posts over the last year and sharing your wonderful foodie journey. Here’s to many more and the always ever evolving works of a food blogger. It’s a pleasure knowing you.

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