Flights of Fancy at Emirates GoEast

Following on from CBD Food Festival, I’m happy to report that was not the only celebration of food that weekend in Birmingham City Centre. Emirates were cooking up all things eastern at the Go East Streetfood Market in Centenary Square between the ICC and The Library of Birmingham.

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Chowing down at Coffin Works – Taste & Liquor Fleet Street FeastIVAL

Whilst walking down the canal to the Coffin Works my wife and I were chased by a dark ominous cloud, determined to rain on us. Was this a portent to a unsatisfying evening?

Happily not! As the first few drops fell, we arrived at The Coffin Works and Fleet Street FeastIVAL awaited. Run by the same team as Taste & Liquor (previously reviewed here), a glorious bounty awaited us.

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